Tree Felling


Section Tree Felling


Section felling will be used in situations where there is a risk of damage occurring to any property or harm to the public. The work consists of the entire removal of the tree, in sections.
If a delay between felling and stump removal is to occur, the stump will be left at a minimum height of 1.5 metres (to ensure it is not a trip hazard). Section felled trees will be dismantled using the step cut, break off and controlled throw method with the use of lowering ropes.  Anderson Tree Services are experts in all parts of tree felling and are happy to offer free advice and estimates.



Tree Felling Complete


We also can fell trees as a single unit. This process is used when in situations that pose no risk of damage to any property or persons whatsoever.

This method is used by advanced planning and the tree is then guided by the use of pulling ropes and felling wedges as necessary to ensure the correct direction of controlled fall.


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